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Top 10 Stunning Short Hairstyle for Round Face

In this article, we have written Short Hairstyle for Round Face and also wrote about more of the things people will ask.

Let the truth be told; Round face can be tough to style. No matter how you want your hair to look, i will always have in mind to hide your cheeks even if it’s little. While this doesn’t leave you much room for a different style, let’s not talk about the way your round face makes you look like a little kid when you desire to look sexy.

But what if you are told many styles could gratify your round face? Well, you don’t have to believe us. Just scroll down and see for yourself.

These are what you will see in this article;

  • What is the short hairstyle for round face?
  • Will short hair make you look fatter?
  • Can a round face be attractive?
  • Does Bob cut suit round face?
  • What is a round face shape?
  • Is Short Hair good for round faces?

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The above list is what we have written and explained in this post.

Top Ten Short Hairstyle for Round Face

1. Sweet Center Part with LobĀ 

Top 10 Short Hairstyle for Round Face

A center part with a divided part will compliment a round face, especially with a long lob curve just above the shoulder.

2. Side-Swept Bangs

short 2

Side-swept bangs always compliment round face, either with a long or super short cut.

3. Slicked Back with Volume

short 3

The slicked-back hairstyle is going viral now. It is a cool hairstyle for a round face.

4. Angular Bob or Lob

short 4

Angular cut that is longer at the back and shorter in front will match perfectly on a round face.

5. Soft waves

short 5

Far from thick curls, which could affect a round face, soft waves add quality without adding thickness. Easy waves will work with any length.

6. Blunt Pixie

short 6

Show off your pretty face and save your strength with a brutal, modern pixie cut.

7. Volume On Top

short 7

Adding volume to your short hair will go well with your pretty round face.

8. Choppy Layers

short 8

Choppy layers will add fringe to our look, disregarding its length.

9. Completely Side-Swept

short 9

Rocking a completely side-swept pixie for a dope, complementary look can easily be constrained back those busy mornings.

10. No-Fuss Lob

short 10

Looking natural but be more organized with a no-fuss lob. Please make use of hair oil to smooth, but do not straighten or curl.

Will short hair make you look fatter?

Does short hair make you look thinner? It is said that short hair is not good for women with round faces. Moreover, that’s not true. The best ones will be cuts with choppy strands framing the face, asymmetric side-parted hairstyles, angled bobs/lobs, and styles with the volume on top of the head.

Can a round face be attractive?

It is called angular face but it is feminine. I love round faces because they look very young and helps the face look so youthful.

Does Bob cut suit round face?

Bobs are excellent haircuts for women with round faces because merged with the proper cutting technique and styling can reduce features such as chubbier cheeks and can broaden overall face shape.

What is a round face shape?

If your face is round in shape, the object is to add length and avoid width. Your chin is round in shape with no hard lines or angles. The jawline is round and full in shape.

Is Short Hair good for round faces?

The most befitting hairstyles for round faces are the ones that work with your texture while giving you the appearance of having an extra oval-shaped, longer face.


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