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7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ofada Rice

Health Benefits Of Ofada Rice

In this post, you would know the Health Benefits Of Ofada Rice; you don’t know. 

Ofada rice is just a local selection of rice grown in Nigeria and used to prepare numerous dishes. Ofada rice is a combination of different rice varieties, which aren’t indigenous to Africa. It is specially grown in the southwestern part of Nigeria and is considered to be named after the town of Ofada in Ogun state. 

Rice is one of the very eaten staple foods in Nigeria, and it’s served regularly in typical Nigerian parties, hotels, homes, restaurants, and lots more. 

However, many people choose eating rice polished rice (white rice) to Ofada rice since it does not need much effort to prepare, unlike Ofada rice that you’ve to choose properly before it may become eatable. 

  • What are the health benefits of ofada rice?
  • Where is ofada rice from?
  • Why rice is not good for health?

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7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ofada Rice

1. Supports bone health

Ofada rice has essential minerals such as zinc, folate, phosphorus, and magnesium, which play an important role in supporting your bones and stopping them from bone diseases while providing you with a higher bone mineral density. This is certainly one of the reasons while Ofada rice is usually approved for the aged people because it can keep their bone healthier and stronger, unlike the category of men and women eating foods that lack a few of the earlier mentioned essential minerals.

2. Perfect baby food

Growing babies and toddlers always require nutritious foods to help maintain their rapid growth cycles and help keep them healthy. But, Ofada rice includes several of those nutrients, making it a perfect food for the toddler. 

Ofada can also be naturally gluten-free.

Ofada rice is normally eaten with Ofada stew or Ayamase and is just a Nigerian meal native to the Yorubas.

3. Aids digestion

Health Benefits Of Ofada Rice
Health Benefits Of Ofada Rice

Ofada rice includes high fiber content, nearly thrice the total amount found in polished rice, which supports in promoting adequate digestion of food in the body while stopping every type of digestive disorder from happening. 

The excesses of soluble and insoluble fiber in Ofada rice also help fight digestive system-related conditions like constipation, diarrhea, etc. As the insoluble fiber, particularly, has been proven by many studies to be effective in lowering the risk of gallstones in women.

4. Promotes weight loss

Ofada rice has both soluble and insoluble fiber, and both of these work in synergy to lessen your fats and body mass index (BMI), which eventually results in weight loss. Whenever you eat Ofada rice, it increases fullness and helps you avoid eating excess calories that would have to make you gain unnecessary weight. If you’re wondering how to lose excess weight in Nigeria, replace white rice with Ofada rice.

5. Fights diabetes

Because of the cellulose and fiber content of Ofada rice, it is preferred for calorie management in health conditions like diabetes. 

6. prevents constipation

Health Benefits Of Ofada Rice
Health Benefits Of Ofada Rice

A healthier digestive system is an excellent thing. Ofada rice has much soluble fiber that fights bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal cancers like gastric ulcers.

7. Lowers bad cholesterol levels

The high level of dietary fibers in Ofada reduces LDL cholesterol levels, responsible for excessive weight gain because of insulin resistance.

Where is ofada rice from?

Ofada is just a generic name used to explain some rice varieties cultivated and processed in several communities in Ogun State and some rice-producing group in South-West Nigeria.

Why rice is not good for health?

The rice plant gathers more arsenic than almost every other food crops. This becomes an issue where soil or water sources are contaminated with arsenic. High use of arsenic is related to an increased chance of cancer, type 2diabete, and heart disease. 

Conclusion: Ofada rice has so many health benefits. Some of them are already ben mention and explain here above. 


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