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10 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Health Benefits Of Green Tea
Health benefits of green tea

In this article, we would be writing the 10 wonderful health benefits of green tea.

Green tea is proclaimed to be one healthy beverage on earth. It is full of antioxidant that has many health benefits such as fat loss, lowering the risk of heart disease, improved brain function, protecting against cancer, etc

Things you need to know;

  • 10 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Green Tea
  • What are the side effects of green tea?
  • Is it beneficial to drink green tea at night?

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10 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Green Tea

1. Green Tea Might Help Fight Off Cancer

Your cells naturally gather oxidative damage during regular cell metabolism. A type of a molecule called antioxidant can prevent as well as change that damage. One of the powerful antioxidants is epigallocatechin gallate, and it’s present in high levels in green tea. Epigallocatechin is shown to lessen the growth of breast and prostate tumors.

2. It Can Lower Heart Disease Risk

Green tea is often useful for your heart. In research of 40,530 Japanese people followed over seven years, drinking three to four glasses of green tea daily was related to a 31% lower danger of dying of cardiovascular disease.

3. It May Protects Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is identified by significant changes in memory and thinking abilities. This neurodegenerative disease presently has no cure. But the antioxidant in green tea seems to lessen the possibility that you will develop Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Green Tea May Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

The flavonoid in green tea, as well as epigallocatechin gallate, has been proven to reduce the liver’s glucose production. This means that the body controls blood sugar more effectively, maintaining your glucose level within a healthy range.

5. It Can Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is becoming an outbreak in the united state, with almost 10% of the population having these conditions. Drinking green tea can reduce your risk. Compared to those who drank one cup a week, participants who drank more than six cups of green tea every day had an astonishing 33% lower risk of type 2 diabetes. This effect lasts even after researchers controlled for factors such as sex, age, and body mass index.

6. Green Tea Keeps You Looking Youthful

Not only is green tea best for your physical health, but it could also keep you looking great! Beauty experts often use green tea products because of their anti-inflammatory effects. For example, a mixed regime of 10% green tea supplement and green tea cream enhances the elasticity of the skin, which will keep your skin looking more youthful as you age.

7. Green Tea Can Boost Your Productivity

As a gentle stimulant, green tea can allow you to concentrate better if you feel like an afternoon fall, make yourself a cup of green tea to revive yourself up and improve your productivity.

8. Green Tea Keeps Bones Strong

Loss in bone strength is an important public health problem, especially for postmenopausal women at high-risk osteoporosis. The polyphenols in green tea may enlarge the bone mass, protecting bone tissue from damage.

9. Green Tea Promotes Healthy Teeth

Green tea contains fluoride, the mineral put into the water supply to aid in stronger dental health issues. Small increases in the quantity of fluoride can stop bacteria from attacking teeth.

10. Minimal Processing Leaves Nutrients Intact

Far from soda, another common source of caffeine, green tea is relatively unprepared. After selecting the leaves, they are let to soften before being rolled to dry out their juices. This maximum amount of processing means that green tea keeps many of the phytonutrients that are present in the actual tea plant.

What are the side effects of green tea?

These side effects can vary from mild to serious like sleep problems, headache, nervousness, vomiting, heartburn, and dizziness.

Is it beneficial to drink green tea at night?

Green tea might give an array of health benefits, including better sleep. But drinking it at night mostly in two hours preceding bedtime might make it harder to fall asleep.

Conclusion: In this article above, you will know about the health benefits of green tea in the body.


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