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6 Incredible Health Benefits Of Garden Egg

Health Benefits Of Garden Egg

In these articles, we would be writing the health benefits of garden egg. The garden egg, also called eggplant aubergine, melongene, guinea squash, and brinjal, normally has an egg-like shape and a vibrant purple color.

While there are many types of African eggplant, with a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, the eggplant most often found across Africa is Solanum aethiopicum. This variety has an excellent red exterior and is all about an egg’s size, giving it the name, garden egg. It can also be called mock tomato or ‘fake tomato.’

The Igbos called it Anyara or Afufu, while the Yorubas referred to it as Obe-Igba.

However technically a fruit, it is normally picked when it’s green and is eaten as a vegetable; cooked into stews and sauces and eaten raw. Many people don’t even associate the garden egg with red color because most times, it’s harvested and eaten when it’s still green. If picked after it’s ripe, it may be enjoyed as a fruit, while some varieties are sourer than others. Most garden eggs sold in markets in Nigeria originate from locally grown, small plots of land. Eighty percent of total production arises from small-scale growers. Women mainly use them being an additional source of income. 

Garden egg is a great source of dietary fiber, copper, manganese, thiamin (Vitamin B1), and potassium. It can be an excellent source of folate, niacin, magnesium, and Vitamin B6. Eggplant also includes phytonutrients, for example, nasunin and chlorogenic acid. It also includes nutrients, including better carotene, iron, calcium, and many essential minerals and vitamins. They come in two shades, the green and cream color. 

  • What are the health benefits of garden egg?
  • Is Garden egg good for diabetes?
  • Does eggplant give you gas?

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6 Incredible Health Benefits Of Garden Egg

1. Rich in Vitamin 

Health Benefits Of Garden Egg
Health Benefits Of Garden Egg

Garden egg is a natural source of vitamin B, for instance, B6, thiamin, niacin, pantothenic acid that helps your body properly use protein and fat and positively gives to the nervous system.

Vitamin B plays an important role in promoting well being and good health. It can help in brain development and ensure that the immune and nervous system works properly.

Regular use of eggplant gives you enough vitamin B required by the body.

2. Prevents Anemia

Garden egg has been discovered to serve as a natural medicine for treating some health conditions, for example, bronchitis, colic (pain in the abdomen due to obstruction of the intestine), headache, stress relief, and others if eaten daily.

Garden egg is an abundant source of iron, which helps it grow in the red blood cell within the body, helping to fight against anemia or deficiency in iron.

Garden eggs may also be full of copper, another important element of red blood cells. Eating garden eggs helps make the red blood cells flow enough through your veins, therefore causing a boost in energy and strength.

3. Rich in Antioxidants

flavonoids, Anthocyanins, and nasunin are essential and powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients in eggplants that help save your body and include many health-promoting benefits to the human body.

Anthocyanins are responsible for the deep purple color of eggplants and also aids in stopping the development of cancer and other diseases that lead to bacteria.

Anthocyanins present in eggplants have antioxidant properties that can be responsible for protecting the entire body system. 

4. It fights cancer

Health Benefits Of Garden Egg
Health Benefits Of Garden Egg

Research has shown that Polyphenols in eggplant have anti-cancer effects. The anthocyanins and chlorogenic acid, which can be found in a garden egg, help save cells from harm caused by free radicals.

It is, therefore, stopping tumor growth and the spread of cancer cells.

It was also shown that anthocyanins’ anticancer action seems to add preventing new blood vessels from forming in the tumor, blocking the enzymes that help cancer cells spread and reduce inflammation.

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5. It prevents liver disorder and help control sugar level

Studies show that the significance of garden egg to the liver can’t be overstressed as the antioxidants in garden egg help save the liver from certain toxins, making it a remedy for liver issues.

Research has also shown that garden egg aids control sugar level, making it a good dietary choice for diabetic patients.

It is the ability to lessen glucose absorption within the body and reduce blood sugar levels. It also has low soluble carbohydrates, which help in this regard.

6. It helps during pregnancy

Health Benefits Of Garden Egg
Health Benefits Of Garden Egg

It is filled with minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that can make it an important part of each pregnant woman’s daily ration. 

Given that the baby is taking a lot of the useful nutrients for himself, women frequently suffer from the lack of people components inside their bodies. So, eating this plant is an excellent solution for such situations.

Is Garden egg good for diabetes?

Eggs are a versatile food and a good source of protein. The American diabetes association view eggs an excellent selection for people with diabetes. That is primarily because one large egg has about half of a gram of carbohydrates, so it is believed that it will not boost your blood sugar.

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Does eggplant give you gas?

This purple guy has a lot of fiber, so eating an excessive amount will cause bloating and gas. Moreover, some say nightshade vegetables are harmful to gut health but do your research before reducing any nutritious vegetables.

Conclusion: Health professionals have indicated that eggplants must be eaten in moderate quantity regularly due to the numerous medicinal and health values present in the fruit, which will be important in general health development. 

One good thing about it’s that it is a fruit eaten by all ages since that contains all useful properties which help in general health promotion. It is a wonderful food that more blood to the body and gives us plenty of minerals and vitamins required for a healthy body. 


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