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5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Dates

Health Benefits Of Dates
Health Benefits Of Dates

This article contains the health benefits of dates, and I’m much convinced that every point will surprise you. So, ensure you read through!

Dates are a nutritious and delicious fruit which arises from Iraq. Ever because this was found thousands of years back, it is grown to become one of the very most sought after foods on earth, including Africa, Asia, America, Europe etc. The fruits are now for the dates from the date palm tree; they’re either known as date fruits or dates. Dates fruits are among common fruits eaten by Nigerians. 

A few of the potent properties and nutritional content found in Date fruit include – iron, vitamin and mineral, potassium, zinc, calcium, phosphorous, etc.

  • What are the benefits of eating dates daily?
  • How many dates should I eat per day?
  • Are dates considered a superfood?

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 5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Dates

Here below, are the health benefits of dates;

1. Promotes Healthy Skin

Health Benefits Of Dates

Dates include a significant level of vitamin C and D, which are essential in enhancing your skin’s tenderness and elasticity. The Vitamin C content in the dates fruit aid in reducing the looks f skin issues such as wrinkles by just inhabiting oxidation and blocking melanin from gathering within your body. Also, dates contain vitamin B5, which can be very useful in dealing with skin conditions such as stretch marks. That being said, if you want a youthful-looking skin then begin eating dates regularly!

2. Prevents Cancer

Dates are not just a delicious fruit because it many research show it is effective at lowering the risk of Abdominal cancer, such as uterine cancer, renal cancer, ovarian cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, bowel cancer and even pancreatic cancer. Dates include such numerous antioxidants that stop cancerous growth, such as carotenoids, phenolic acids, and flavonoids.

3. Helps in Treating Night Blindness

Night Blindness is highly due to vitamin A deficiencies. But, dates possess content with this vitamin, meaning it can help fight this condition and put back you to a much better state. Also, research demonstrates that those who take dates usually have scarce cases of night blindness. You may be faced night blindness, and you can treat it with dates; all you have to do is to massage date leaves on and around the eyes or on to of that eat the dates orally.

4. Helps in treating Diarrhoea

Health Benefits Of Dates

For those who have diarrhoea, dates can be digestible, and they’ve got a higher content of potassium which plays a significant role in controlling looseness of the bowels. Also, the fruits contain soluble fibre which also helps the bowel movement and increase the general functioning of the excretory system. So, dates fruits are a good laxative and are great for fighting constipation.

5. Improves bone health

Health Benefits Of Dates

Maybe you have been looking for a natural way to enhance your bone health, and you never know how to start it, the dates are for you! These fruits are excellent sourced elements of copper, selenium, magnesium and manganese, which play an essential role in healthy bone development, and additionally, they stop bone-related issues such as osteoporosis.

Also, dates include a significant level of vitamin K, which clot the blood and metabolizes the human bones.

How many dates should I eat per day?

Dates should be eaten every day to improve immunity. Four to six dates are enough to reduce weight. Medjool, Deglet Noor and California dates are the very best if you are considering losing weight. Ensure you don’t in a lot of the as it might only cause weight gain.

Are dates considered a superfood?

Dates (khajoor or kharjura in Kannada), may seem like humble fruit but they’re filled with nutrition and have plenty of health benefits. Also, they are full of fibre which will be useful in clearing the intestinal tract. Therefore, they fit to be called superfoods.


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