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7 Awesome Health Benefits Of African Velvet Tamarind

Health Benefits Of African Velvet Tamarind

This article contains the Health Benefits Of African Velvet Tamarind.

Black velvet tamarind is indigenous fruit, also referred to as African velvet tamarind; it’s without the adverse reaction and has been eaten by all ages because it is a vitamin C supplement.

They are popularly called Awin in Yoruba, Tsamiyar kurm in Hausa, and Icheku in Igbo. 

The fruit in the shell is either pulpy or dried with taste sweet-sour; it is filled with lots of nutrition that aids in promoting health and managing some health conditions. 

Below here are the health benefits of African velvet tamarind;

  • What are the benefits of eating tamarind?
  • Is black velvet tamarind good for a pregnant woman?
  • Is Tamarind bad for kidneys?

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7 Awesome Health Benefits Of African Velvet Tamarind

1. promotes digestive health

Health Benefits Of African Velvet Tamarind
Health Benefits Of African Velvet Tamarind

The pulp of black velvet tamarind also has non-starch polysaccharides that help keep a healthy digestive system and lower blood cholesterol.

It’s not digested within the body (small intestine). Therefore, it gives your body without any calories that may also be good for weight loss but helps ensure that the digestive system is functioning well.

2. Treat dry eye

Potassium found in black velvet tamarind is among the reason it works in curing dry eyes. Potassium helps to make the eye moist all the time. Its deficiency results in dry eyes, which include twitching, itching, and other symptoms. 

Additionally, many compounds have been present in these fruits and have proven to provide the eye with enough moisture, thereby preventing dry eye. 

3. Reduces body pains

Health Benefits Of African Velvet Tamarind
Health Benefits Of African Velvet Tamarind

The presence of some volatile phytochemical compounds with various medicinal values in black velvet tamarinds like alkyl triazole limonene, safrole cinnamic acid, methyl salicylate, geraniol, pyrazine, made it a remedy for body pains and certain illnesses.

4. Prevents micronutrient deficiency

Some nutritional elements, including the vitamins and minerals found in fruit, act as micronutrients that help save the body from micronutrient deficiency.

The body requires micronutrients in small proportion, and they’re vital for the function of the cells and organs within the body; therefore, black velvet tamarinds contain plenty of micronutrients such as vitamin A, iron, etc.

It provides the body with these nutrients aids in preventing its deficiency, leading to severe adverse reactions.

5. Reduces inflammation

Health Benefits Of African Velvet Tamarind
Health Benefits Of African Velvet Tamarind

The vitamin C content in black velvet tamarinds helps you fight microbial infection and lessen inflammation in the bronchial tube, which stops cancer, which can certainly be one of its underlying causes is inflammation.

Research indicates that patients with bronchitis may be treated with black velvet tamarinds because it will provide them with enough vitamin C to lessen bronchial tube linings’ inflammation.

6. Improve water and acid balance

Black Velvet Tamarind contains potassium content supporting water balance and acid-base balance in the tissues and blood.

Potassium plays essential roles in the body; it functions both as a mineral and an electrolyte within the body and aids in balancing the body ph levels and controls the rate at that the nerve impulses, heartbeats, and more.

Potassium can only just be ingested through potassium-rich foods/fruits because it is not made by the body naturally; therefore, the use of black velvet tamarind will give your body enough potassium needs to control the body’s electrical impulses.

7. Improves red blood cell production

Health Benefits Of African Velvet Tamarind
Health Benefits Of African Velvet Tamarind

It has a good number of minerals like iron, which can be required for the production of red blood cells with several other minerals like: 

Copper aid in strengthening the blood vessels, and generally, it works along with to help in the formation of red blood cells and works to ensure that iron is absorbed as needed by the blood. The deficiency of copper in the blood is known as hypocupremia. 

Calcium is mainly known to help teeth formation and blood, but it is a lot more than that calcium like the one contained in black velvet tamarinds helps in blood clotting and other needed functions in the body.

Zinc is often found through the body cells, particularly the platelets, and has lots of functions. Regarding blood cells, zinc mineral aids in blood clotting; therefore, when this mineral is deficient within the body, it could cause unexpected blood clotting.

The quantity of iron present in the fruit is sufficient for anemia prevention and blood production. 

Is black velvet tamarind good for a pregnant woman?

Yes, however, in moderation. Tamarind is full of nutrients such as calcium and vitamin A and C. It can also be a good source of fiber, protein, and healthy sugars. It may also be used as a laxative.

Is Tamarind bad for kidneys?

The “Nutrition Research” journal states that “consumption of tamarind protects against kidney stones.” Indian researchers have found that the tamarind extract decreases colon cancer growth and is considered a traditional diabetes treatment.

Conclusion: Black Velvet Tamarind is never as common as other fruits such as bananas, apple, oranges since it is a seasonal fruit, and even most times, it is abandoned by lots of people, but it has many vitamins that most of the popular fruits and includes other health benefits.


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