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Top 10 latest hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria

Braids are total African hairstyles that have a profound origin within the history of African hairstyles.

There are several types of braided hairstyles to do! Among them are: Havana twist, micro, and mini braids, box (Janet) braids, French braiding, cornrows, fish and fishtail braids (yes, they are different types), Dutch braids, lace braids, yarn braids, and many others.

Year after year, they still do not go out of fashion. They only change their form and oddity, although be sure that braids are always universal hairdo for women that are undoubtedly fashionable in any season.

They look diverse depending on the size, length, structure, and type of weaving. You can place two wide braids or perhaps make a hundred small ones. Braid is an African hairstyle that gives enormous opportunities for imagination applying.

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Top 10 latest hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria

1. All Back Cornrows

Top 10 latest hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria

Cornrows are lovely braided hairstyles. This type of braided cornrow can be made with or without extensions. This particular all-back is suitable for all face and convenient in keeping your hair away from your face.

2. Shuku


The Shuku hairstyle is a braided ponytail that has been in Nigeria for ages long before it became popular in mainstream America. The shuku hairstyle is done by braiding the hair upwards into a bun.

3. Clap


The clap is also a similar Nigerian braided hairstyle like the shuku hairstyle mentioned above, with just a little difference instead of a bun, the buns rather face each other like the palms when clapped, just like the name. It is a lovely hairstyle, though it has been overshadowed by the shuku hairstyle, which has gone global.

4. Single Braids


Simple box braids like most braids in Nigeria are just classic. The single braids can be done with or without extensions. With extensions, they can take up to 7 hours depending on the size and length of the hair, but without extensions, they can be under an hour or two, once again depends on the size or density of the hair.

5. Goddess Braids

hairstyle 5

The goddess braids are also known as crown braids. It involves braiding the hair across the edges or front of the head. They are not time-consuming as they can be completed under minutes. Extensions can be added, but if your hair is long enough, you may not need that.


6. Zigzag Braids

hairstyle 6

The zigzag braid is a creative design of the classic cornrow. The cornrows are straight braids while the zigzag has bend as it’s braided down a straight line. The zigzag cornrow consists of only zigzags or can be added a tiny straight cornrow in between to beautify it further.

7. Side Didi

hairstyle 7

The side didi is an everyday hairstyle for the women in South-western Nigeria. Unlike mainstream cornrows, it looks similar to the French braids that are done sideways. Side didi is usually done without braids unless you want to add small extensions. It can be done for you. It is a unique hairstyle.


8. Inverted Cornrow

hairstyle 8

This hairstyle is popularly known as the French braid. They are like the normal cornrow, but inside out, it gives the cornrow a flat finish and zip-like pattern. On its own, it can create other styles like the Pompadour and different updo styles, but it can also be braided in rows as common to Nigerian women.

9. Layered Braids

hairstyle 9

Braiding in steps is a fantastic way to braid cornrows and make it look more adorable. This Nigerian hairstyle is durable and lasts longer than box braids, which gets rough easily.

10. Differently Sizes Cornrow

hairstyle 10

Making all sized cornrow is good, but making it in a combination of big sized braids and tiny sized braids looks more adorable. This style can be done with extensions for a bolder end; without extensions also looks nice.


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